Randy Bias

CEO and Co-founder

His provocative views on the profound disruption caused by cloud computing have made Randy Bias one of the most influential voices in the industry. Randy uses this influence to advocate an open and honest debate about which technologies will win in driving clouds to large-scale adoption. He has inspired organizations and individuals to embrace the disruption of cloud computing to transform business processes and position themselves to succeed in a new world where computing resources are ubiquitous, inexpensive, instantly scalable, and highly available.

Randy has been a vocal advocate for open systems for more than two decades. He was the technical visionary at GoGrid and at CloudScale Networks. He led the open-licensing of GoGrid's APIs, which inspired Sun Microsystems, Rackspace Cloud, VMware and others to follow. In 2006, he founded Cloudscaling with Adam Waters and since then has led teams that designed, architected, built and deployed cloud infrastructure for more than two dozen clients globally.

In 2010, Randy became an early and vocal supporter of the OpenStack project, and led the teams that deployed the first public OpenStack storage cloud (Swift) outside of Rackspace, and the first public OpenStack compute cloud (Nova). He is a founding Board Member of the OpenStack Foundation. He also popularized the cloud server "pets vs. cattle" meme.

Randy's voice can be heard through two Cloudscaling blogs and contributed pieces at GigaOm, CloudAve, O’Reilly Radar and others. Randy is consistently recognized by Informationweek, CRN, The Next Web and other publications as one of the top 10 influential voices in cloud computing. He is frequently interviewed in the trade and business media on cloud computing, and he speaks at dozens of industry events annually.

Posts by Randy

Five Things OpenStack Needs to Do … Now.

Posted on by Randy Bias

At the most recent OpenStack SV 2015 event, I was invited to speak and provide a viewpoint on OpenStack’s future.  The year before in 2014 I gave a talk entitled “Lie of the Benevolent Dictator” which spawned the Product Working … Continue reading

Cloud … You’re Doing it Wrong!

Posted on by Randy Bias

I’ve been doing “cloud” for about as long as it’s been a “thing”.  It is safe to say that I’ve talked about every conceivable topic related to cloud and cloud computing.  Unfortunately, I still run into a common problem, which … Continue reading

Killing the Storage Unicorn: Purpose-Built ScaleIO Spanks Multi-Purpose Ceph on Performance

Posted on by Randy Bias

Collectively it’s clear that we’ve all had it with the cost of storage, particularly the cost to maintain and operate storage systems.  The problem is that data requirements, both in terms of capacity and IOPS are exploding and growing exponentially, … Continue reading

A CoprHD Status Update

Posted on by Randy Bias

I wanted to provide you a big update on Project CoprHD and a mea culpa.  As many of you know, EMC launched CoprHD during EMC World 2015 and made the code generally available on June 5th.  Unfortunately, we are learning … Continue reading

Project CoprHD’s Architecture

Posted on by Randy Bias

Unless you had your head in the sand, you probably saw my blog post talking about Project CoprHD (“copperhead”), EMC’s first open source product. Exciting times are ahead when one of the world’s largest enterprise vendors embraces open source in … Continue reading

EMC and Canonical expand OpenStack Partnership

Posted on by Randy Bias

As you saw at last week’s OpenStack Summit, EMC® is expanding its partnership with Canonical amongst others. I want to take a moment to talk specifically about our relationship with Canonical. We see it as a team up between the … Continue reading

State of the Stack v4 – OpenStack In All It’s Glory

Posted on by Randy Bias

Yesterday I gave the seminal State of the Stack presentation at the OpenStack Summit.  This is the 4th major iteration of the deck.  This particular version took a very different direction for several reasons: Most of the audience is well … Continue reading

OpenStack Self-Improvement Mini-Survey

Posted on by Randy Bias

Want to help make OpenStack great?  I’ve put together a very quick survey to get some deeper feedback than is provided by the User Survey.  The intention is to provide some additional information around the State of the Stack v4 … Continue reading

Introducing CoprHD (“copperhead”), the Cornerstone of a Software-Defined Future

Posted on by Randy Bias

You’ve probably been wondering what I’ve been working on post-acquisition and yesterday you saw some of the fruits of my (and many others) labor in the CoprHD announcement.  CoprHD, pronounced “copperhead” like the snake, is EMC’s first ever open source … Continue reading

What AWS Revenues Mean for Public Cloud and OpenStack More Generally

Posted on by Randy Bias

At the risk of sounding like “I told you so”, I wanted to comment on the recent Amazon 10-Q report.  If you were paying attention you likely saw it as it was the first time that AWS revenues were reported … Continue reading