(Note: Deadline is Monday, February 25.)

On April 15, a record crowd of as many as 2,500 people will descend on the Oregon Convention Center in Portland for what will be the largest gathering of OpenStack developers, users, media and analysts in the project’s three year history. Cloudscaling will be there, as will others who’ve been there since the beginning. We’ll be joined by a bunch of folks who’ve looked at the evidence and concluded that OpenStack is the best horse to ride in the race to an open, scalable and agile cloud future.

The OpenStack Foundation manages a voting system whereby members choose the topics and presentations they’d like to see at the Summit. More than 200 submissions are offered for voting, and many of them are exceptional. Cloudscaling’s engineering team submitted several topics for consideration of the members.

If you’re not a Foundation member, you can learn more here. And you’ll want to register for the event soon, because the 50% discount expires March 15. Then, check and vote for these talks proposed by Cloudscalers (requires being an OpenStack Foundation member to view and vote):

There are other excellent proposals from active contributors to the OpenStack community you’ll want to read as well. Some that piqued my interest:

Few events combine the degree of useful technical depth and user application cases that the OpenStack Summits do. If your business or career depends on OpenStack, it’s the most valuable event you’ll attend this spring.