We don’t usually link to vendor material, but in this case, the material in question is a video with yours truly.  Not only that, it’s not just any vendor, but Arista Networks, who have been an incredible change agent for cloud computing.  Most of the successful commodity clouds I am aware of that are being built are leveraging Arista heavily.  The latest numbers I’ve seen put them in the #2 position for top-of-rack 10Gig Ethernet switching, right behind Cisco.

Don’t worry, I talk very little about Arista in this video and far more about the philosophy behind building cloud networking.

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A choice quote from Don’s article:

“Your typical network engineer, if you say ‘programmable,’ they will freak out,” says Randy Bias, co-founder and chief technology officer of Cloudscaling, a San Francisco startup that helps company set up cloud-style data centers.

Please enjoy the video below!