Fantastical thinking by private cloud builders has led to a deep misunderstanding of cloud storage technologies. If you are building a private cloud, you MUST understand the realities of cloud storage and not just think in terms of buying a single simple solution to what is ultimately a very complex problem.

I’ve written a detailed whitepaper called “Converged Storage, Wishful Thinking and Reality”, which you can download from our resources page that explains:

  • Cloud storage marketing is selling pipe dreams

  • Distributed storage technologies will not solve the cloud storage problem

  • Tiered storage is here to stay due to economic and technical realities

  • You can’t ignore small failure domains, which are a key cloud principal

  • Use the right storage system to solve the right storage problem

This is a must read if you are evaluating storage options, distributed storage technology like Ceph, Gluster, or Sheepdog, traditional storage systems like EMC, NetApp, or ZFS, and will help you in your quest to build the best private cloud out there.

// DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER: [Converged Storage, Wishful Thinking and Reality](/assets/pdf/cloudscaling_whitepaper_converged_storage.pdf) //