Live From Hong Kong: State of the (Open)Stack, v2

Posted on by Randy Bias

If you want to know what’s new with OpenStack – new projects, code maturity, community growth, user stats and more – you’ll want to tune in for my live presentation of State of the (Open)Stack. I’ll will be broadcasting live from the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong on Wednesday, November 6 at 6pm PDT. 

In this bi-annual address and frank summary of OpenStack’s current trajectory, I reprise my original State of the Stack presentation from the spring 2013 OpenStack Summit in Portland, Oregon.

 We’ll answer the following questions:

  • Why is OpenStack winning?

  • Does reality follow hype?

  • What does OpenStack look like now, in the past, and in the near future?

  • Who is using OpenStack?  Why?  What for?

  • Why a hybrid-first cloud strategy is key to OpenStack’s future success

This presentation was originally given to a standing room only audience during the spring OpenStack Summit. However, due to the overwhelming volume of presentations for the Summit, it was not possible to get a standalone, one-hour spot. So, we’ll bring version 2 of this presentation live from the OpenStack Hong Kong Summit via BrightTALK.

This live event is tailored to:

  • IT professionals who need to know the current status of OpenStack, told without vendor boosterism and with a bent toward practical advice for production deployment

  • Architecture pros who are looking into building a hybrid cloud using OpenStack to connect with the major public clouds

  • Anyone who wanted to attend the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong but can’t be there

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(Note: If you’re at the Summit, don’t miss any of the sessions that are taking place during this live broadcast. We’ll have this presentation available on replay, so you can catch it later.)


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