If you’re into cloud and Internet/web operations this past few weeks saw several very important conferences, including Open Source Bridge, Velocity Conference, and Structure ‘09.  I’m not going to review either of these since I wasn’t at Structure and only spent a day at Velocity, but suffice it to say that some very smart people attend these events.  In particular, the Velocity Conference is more of a technology conference for people who are developers or operators and want to build highly scalable infrastructure.

There were a few particular presentations I wanted to point you to however.  There are some very important tectonic shifts at play now highlighted in these presentations.  One in particular, the notion of highly automated infrastructure and being able to describe infrastructure as code, is a particular hobby horse of mine.  My startup, CloudScale Networks, was one of the first to talk about ‘programmable infrastructure’, ‘infrastructure as code’, and ‘self-aware infrastructure.’[1]

Check these out when you can!  Most of the presenters and participants are friends of mine and I can vouch that they are very clued on this subject matter.

[1] Pretty cool that Ezra picked the name ‘Control Tower’ to describe the command & control management system.  This was the same as for CloudScale.  You can see it at the top of one of the pics here.