I recently did a very long podcast and interview with Chip Ramsey, CEO of Intellum, on cloud computing.  Intellum is an up and comer in the e-learning space and are doing a new series of interviews with thought leaders in different spaces.  They started with Karl Kapp on e-learning and I’m honored that they tapped me to discuss cloud computing.

There is a lot of great cloud information in here that I don’t get a chance to talk about in venues where time is short like panels or blog entries.  Definitely recommended listening, but it’s a long interview so it might be easier to consume in small chunks.  To make this a bit easier for you, I’ve chopped it into five smaller and more consumable MP3s (below) OR go directly to the Intellum page to listen.

During this interview series I also refer to four layers in cloud.  Most folks like to talk about infrastructure (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), platforms (Platform-as-a-Service), and applications (Software-as-a-Service).  There is a fourth layer that rides on top that I haven’t had a chance to blog on yet, but Part 2 goes into some detail.  To make it a little more clear what I mean, see the diagram below.

Cloud Stack