John Furrier interviewed the following members of the SF Cloud Computing Club today at VMWorld 2010 for an episode of’s TheCube series.

  • Rich Miller, Managing Director & Principal, Cumulati

  • Bernard Golden, CEO, Hyperstratus

  • Randy Bias, CEO, Cloudscaling

The link is here:

The video clip is below:

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Randy’s comments are mostly in the 9:00 to 35:00 minute window but the audio was off from 9:00 - 17:22 so it’s a bit faint in the first half.

Some of the questions that are addressed in this talk include:

  • What is the current landscape for cloud computing?

  • What are the issues now?

  • Which issues are key?

  • Is security a real issue?

  • How do I use cloud while maintaining my compliance?

  • Who is using cloud inside the enterprise? Apps teams or Infrastructure teams?

  • How should cloud service providers think about cloud?

  • How big of a deal is cloud?

  • What are the entrepreneurial opportunities?

Thanks to John Furrier and the team for a great interview.