When you don’t hear from a well known blog and startup for a long while you have to wonder what’s up.  Usually this means one of two things:

  1. the blog/startup is folding OR

  2. the folks behind it are really busy, usually with factors related to success

Well, Cloudscaling isn’t folding … not by a long shot.  ;-)

In fact, things are going extremely well, but I can’t reveal what we’re up to yet. There have been plenty of hints in various interviews I’ve done recently and some clouderati in the know have an inkling, but we’re essentially in ‘stealth mode’.  We’ll make announcements as time goes by, but if I had to summarize where we are at without revealing too much, I would simply say: “Cloudscaling is doubling down on OpenStack.”

Our intention is to help make OpenStack the #1 production grade Cloud Operating System.  You will see a lot more on how we’re going to go about this soon.

In the meantime, expect the blog to pick up as I’ll have more time to focus on it again now that we’ve got some of the more pressing changes behind us.  Exciting times ahead in cloud land, that’s for certain.