I have a number of blog posts in the hopper, but we’ve also been growing quite a bit around here, so I’m afraid that they are all rather delayed.

In the interests of keeping things alive, I thought I would share some older work that is still relevant. I’ve really striven over the course of my career to provide very high quality documentation along with high quality technical work. Unfortunately, a lot of this documentation is generally inside an organization and of a highly confidential nature and I don’t get to share it publicly very often, if at all.

However, one of the organizations that I worked for is now completely defunct and I thought I would not only share a network diagram that I created for that environment, but two different diagrams of the same network a year apart. It’s interesting to see the level of detail here and also to notice the differences in one year between the diagrams.

Both diagrams are of significant size and resolution in order to allow great detail, but you can determine alot from viewing at 50%, 100%, and 150% magnification. This is an intentional design goal.

I was hoping to embed these here with scribd, but they seem to be having some problems. I will update once I am able to do so.

The first diagram from April 2004 is here.

And the second diagram from a year later, in April of 2004 is here.