The Cloudscaling team has, once again, submitted an outstanding array of talks and we would all appreciate if you took the time to vote for our presentation submissions. We’ve taken the time to summarize our presentations for you below, as well as provide you with an easy link to cast your vote:

There’s no doubt that Cloudscaling would not be as great as it is without our customers and other Stacker friends.  That’s why we humbly ask you to please take the time to vote for these submissions which include user stories from companies who are using OpenStack to achieve agility.

Customer Use Cases:

How Lithium used Cloudscaling OCS to bring IT into the Modern Cloud era -

This session will include a case study by Randy Bias, CEO Cloudscaling and Joe Sandoval, Lithium about the key benefits experienced by Lithium in their journey: increased agility, “open” architecture, application modernization, improved DevOps efficiency and a foundation for the future, just to name a few.

No Wait IT Keeps Developers Productive at Ubisoft -

This session will include a case study by Randy Bias, CEO Cloudscaling and Marc Heckmann, Enterprise Cloud Architect, Ubisoft about the key benefits experienced by Ubisoft in their journey: agility with “control”, satisfying the LOB’s need for speed, increased IT efficiency, application modernization, and improved DevOps efficiency.

Service Provider Achieves Ultra-Agile Infrastructure using Cloudscaling OCS -

This session will include a case study by Randy Bias, CEO Cloudscaling and Matt Kinney, about the key benefits experienced by Canadian Web hosting in their journey: increased agility, services that are cost-competitive with major public clouds like AWS and a slew of new, dynamic cloud applications that customers love.

Panels on OpenStack, Hybrid Cloud, and Other Business Cases:

The OpenStack Thunderdome -

“…five highly opinionated Stackers will lock horns over the best way to bring about global dominance of OpenStack as the default cloud-building platform. “

Top Hybrid Cloud Myths Debunked -

Four experts from diverse industries including public and private cloud, systems integration and cloud management will square off and separate reality from assumption around hybrid cloud myths and top trends.

Hybrid Cloud War Stories: Expecting the Unexpected -

Whatever you didn’t expect to go wrong, does.  What you hoped for does not materialize.  Building a private or public cloud is hard enough, but putting them together is not for the faint of heart.  Four experts who have extensive experience in using, delivering, and architecting hybrid clouds will chime in on what to look for when going for the gold.

Compliance Slows Us Down While Cloud Speeds Us Up; Or Does It? -

Compliance and governance give the appearance of slowing down IT, while Cloud gives us the hope of moving faster and faster.  Can managing down risk co-habitate with greater agility and flexibility?  We’ll ask that question and more.

Adopting Cloud? Unlearn everything you know about traditional enterprise architecture first. -

Cloud is about a lot more than VMs-on-demand.  Traditional enterprise IT approaches are being disrupted by “web scale” techniques.  As the cloud changes everything, we need to understand how web scale ultimately dovetails with traditional enterprise requirements.  How can we interpret the lessons learned from the big guys for your every day enterprise?

Next-Gen Organizational Design - Growth hacking with “BusDevOps”

The silos between dev and ops are coming down, but is it possible to extend that thinking to the rest of the business?  Can we achieve the impossible?  Bringing together the best of dev, ops, business development, sales, and product functions, we’ll discuss how this might play out and why it could be important to the next generation of businesses.

Technology Oriented Presentations

Scale-Out Ceph: Rethinking How Distributed Storage is Deployed (Speakers: Randy Bias, Tushar Kalra) -

At Cloudscaling, we believe that unification isn’t the answer. Good solid tiered storage architecture is the answer. In this session, see how Ceph can shine as part of a considered storage strategy rather than as ‘the only answer’.

Cloud Operations Dashboard Demo: Cloudscaling OCS User Interface -

Step inside and we’ll give you a tour of Cloudscaling’s Open Cloud System cloud operator GUI, API, and CLI tools. By the operator, for the operator. Power up now!

Tales From the Field: A Day in the Life of Cloud Operations -

Cloudscaling has been supporting 24x7 production clouds since before OpenStack existed. In this session, we will discuss the kinds of problems folks run into in typical OpenStack deployments and pull out a couple of interesting incidents to perform a deep dive on.

Tempest Testing for Hybrid and Public Cloud Interoperability -

In this presentation we will take a closer look at DefCore, it’s origins and intentions, how the initiative can be extended, how RefStack can be used as the basis not only for OpenStack interoperability testing but also public cloud interop testing, and finally give a demonstration of wrapping this all up into an actionable package.

OpenStack Design Guide Panel -

Bring your real-world questions and be prepared to talk OpenStack architecture with a panel of experts from across multiple disciplines and companies. We’ll be drawing on real architecture and design problems taken from real-world experiences working with, and developing solutions, built on OpenStack.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Powered by Cloudscaling OCS & OpenContrail -

We’ll explore how the Cloudscaling VPC cloud solution leverages SDN technology which has been well-tested in the telecommunications and service provider industries to build overlay networks that scale - both within and across data centers. We’ll also take a closer look at the VPC API updates to the OpenStack EC2 API and how the development work done there is providing real fidelity with leading public cloud providers enabling true hybrid cloud solutions.

OpenStack Reference Architecture: Scaling to Infinity and Beyond -

We’ll explore some of the basic principles of creating a reference architecture and discuss real-world examples that demonstrate why implementing a reference architecture allows scaling from one to thousands of racks with relative ease. We will also touch upon why your reference architecture choices can directly affect interoperability between OpenStack clouds and between OpenStack and major public clouds.

We hope that you can take the time to vote for all of our presentations and we certainly hope to see you in Paris!

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