As many of you know the OpenStack Design Summit for Grizzly, the next release in spring 2013 is only a handful of weeks away. Cloudscaling and some of our friends have submitted a number of fresh talks mostly centered around making OpenStack production-grade. We would love to have your votes for our submissions and those of folks affiliated with us in some way. Following is a list of recommended submissions and a short blurb on why you should care.

Cloudscaler Presentations:

  • Putting Trust in OpenStack: Cloudscaling is leading the charge on hardening OpenStack internals with our trusted-messaging blueprint that adds encryption and signing to all of the Nova RPC mechanisms including ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, and Qpid. VOTE for Eric Windisch to explain how the trusted-messaging system will work and how you can increase the quality of security in your OpenStack deployments.

  • Service Resiliency Doesn’t Always Mean “HA” or “Cluster”: Putting pairs of failover HA servers everywhere isn’t how Google and Amazon design for production-grade. VOTE to find out about alternative high availability patterns that are scale-out in nature, not scale-up.

  • Pimp My Cloud: Nova Configuration Hints and Tricks: There are 500+ configuration options and Cloudscaling has used most of them in over 10 different OpenStack deployments in the past 2 years. VOTE to find out from Joe Gordon how to optimize your OpenStack cloud!

  • Fighting for the Users: No one knows more about running OpenStack than Matt Joyce, who ran the original NASA OpenStack deployment and is a key team member of Cloudscaling’s operations team. Matt wants you to know what it means to fight for the users and operators. VOTE to get a brain dump from an expert at running OpenStack in real life.

  • Profiling the Nova Scheduler, a Case Study: Sometimes the internals of Nova can be a mystery. Walk through a real life use case that identifies bottlenecks in performance of Nova and it’s scheduling system.

Friends of the family presentations:

  • Making clouds go faster, for fun and profit!: Alex Howells, Sr. Operations Engineer at LivingSocial will explain how he profiled their new OpenStack-based cloud, where he found areas for performance optimization, and what can be done to make your OpenStack deployments sing.

  • Cisco Webex Case Study: Our friends at Mirantis helped Cisco Webex successfully build a production system based on OpenStack. Don’t you want to know how they did it?

And of course, you can see the entire list here. You will need to be a member of the OpenStack community in order to vote, but anyone can join and contribute.

Vote NOW as the polls close this Friday the 14th!