Historically, we’ve kept quiet about the details of our approach to building software and architecting elastic cloud infrastructure, but that changes now. Our new blog’s mission is to engage the OpenStack development community and non-OpenStack cloud architects everywhere in a discussion about the variety of technologies and approaches we can take to solve hard problems related to elastic cloud computing.  

Examples of areas we want to talk about:

  • Nova networking, network architectures, hypervisor networking, & software-defined networking (Quantum, SDN)
  • OpenStack internals, open source software that works well with OpenStack
  • Approaches to managing hardware and organizing cloud infrastructure
  • Infrastructure security issues, security in OpenStack, hypervisor-related security challenges, and how “distributed software” impacts security generally
  • Scale-out storage approaches, measuring and managing IOPS, and comparison of storage technologies generally
  • Deep dive explanations of how Open Cloud System (OCS) solves some of these areas

Our slogan in engineering at Cloudscaling is “simplicity scales,” which inspired the name of the new engineering blog.

Come on over and check it out.