After the NIST presentation I gave last week in Washington, D.C., there were a large number of requests for the presentation itself.  Rather than reply to all of the individual requests, I thought I would direct folks to the NIST presentation while also providing a quick roundup of key talks and presentations I gave over the past year.  Most, but not all, of my decks are on SlideShare.  I try to keep SlideShare updated so you could follow there and get updates as they happen.

Here is a list of key materials you should check out and direct links to those presentations in chronological order:

  • Cloud Can Increase Korea’s Global Competitiveness (SlideShare) (Video)

    • Cloud Frontiers 2011 (Dec’10), Seoul, Korea
  • Enterprise Cloud Myth(s) (SlideShare) (Video)

    • Cloud Connect 2011, Santa Clara, USA
  • Carrier Cloud Opportunity (SlideShare)

    • TMForum Management World (May’11), Dublin, Ireland
  • Clouds, Open-ness, and IT Patterns (SlideShare)

    • NIST Cloud Computing Forum and Workshop IV (Nov’11), Washington, D.C., USA

That’s a pretty good introduction to our thinking and evolution of thinking over the last year.  Some of the themes and data are carried throughout, but each of them covers slightly different ground.  The two I would recommend the most are Enterprise Cloud Myth(s) and the latest one at NIST.

Hope you enjoy.