Automation is one of the more tricky disciplines.  If it were as easy as it looks, then we would have had cloud years ago.  In recent years the DevOps movement as striven to take automation to the next level.  One of the primary shakers and movers IMHO is the OpsCode team who’s Chef open source project, while taking cues from Puppet, has moved the ball forward in significant ways.  A lot of this is because they have an incredible team of folks with large-scale and next-gen cloud automation experience such as Chris BrownJesse Robbins, and Adam Jacobs.

Much of the OpsCode team will be at their upcoming Chef conference, named, appropriately enough just #ChefConf.  Come learn from the best, share your experiences with Chef, or even sponsor the conference.  I think you will find it’s well worth your time. We have a number of Cloudscalers attending.  The early bird price is at a 30% discount  until March 31st!