A recent interview I did with Alex Bewley of Uptime Software is finally available. Although the podcast is nominally about cloud computing for mid-tier enterprises, we actually cover much broader ground. Alex’s blog posting lists the core topics as:

  • what kinds of businesses are using cloud

  • how you should go about evaluating it

  • how to avoid being outsourced as an IT department

  • what are the barriers to adoption; monitoring in the cloud (near and dear to our hearts)

  • designing applications for failure awareness

  • where he thinks the cloud is going

More important, for me personally, is that I think this is one of my better podcasts. The audio is clear, my responses, while long, are reasonably crisp, and you can tell that the general thinking around here has evolved a lot.  Some key messages come through loud and clear, which I think aren’t well understood still:

  1. Cloud computing isn’t about virtualization

  2. This is disruptive sea change, be the disrupter, not the disrupted

  3. Whole new areas of opportunity, applications, etc. are opening up that didn’t exist before

I really think it’s worth a listen.  It’s a little less than 20 minutes and moves pretty quickly.  Please enjoy and a big thanks to Alex who did a great job with the interview. Head over to the original blog post to listen to the podcast with Flash in your browser or you can download the MP3 directly if you are using a non-flash capable system.