As many of you know, we were exceptionally busy in 2010, building Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds in South Korea.  This culminated in the launch of KT’s public cloud and the Cloud Frontier 2011 conference in early December.  I provided a keynote speech there that I thought was pretty good and brought together, for the first time in public, a lot of our philosophy.

The thinking behind this presentation will also deeply influence the upcoming keynote I have at Cloud Connect 2011 in early March.  Cloud Connect is quickly becoming one of the best cloud computing conferences out there.  Alistair Croll does a fantastic job of bringing in more than just the vendors and hype.  The net result is a ‘frothy’ discussion that provides a lot of value.

Besides a keynote, I’m running the Private Cloud track and a number of other Cloudscalers will be presenting in other tracks including DevOps & Automation.

I strongly recommend you sign up for Cloud Connect.  If you register by this Friday it’s $400 off!

We also have two free conference passes.  We are trying to figure out some kind of non-cheesy way to give these out.  Competitions, etc. seem a bit overdone.  If you have any suggestions for how we could give these out to the readership here in a way that is congruous with our general blogging values (high content, high value), please comment below.

Meanwhile, embedded below is my keynote from Cloud Frontiers 2011 in early December of last year.  It’s in three parts (after the break below) and is HD quality, so I recommend full screen.

Cloud Frontiers Part 1:

Cloud Frontiers Part 2:

Cloud Frontiers Part 3: