Please help me make the Cloudscaling blog better.  If you would take a moment of your time to fill out the following survey I would really appreciate it.  It’s extremely short.  Just three questions.  Your input is valued highly.

UPDATE:  Had a great response.  Closed the survey.  Here were the results:

  1.  Do you prefer articles that are shorter, longer, or a mix?
  • 8% - Short is sweet

  • 17% - I’ve got time and focus, give me details

  • 75% - Mix it up so I don’t know what to expect

  1. Do you enjoy reading more technical content? Business-oriented?  Or a mix?
  • 33% - I prefer technical content

  • 25% - I like it high level and business-focused

  • 42% - Give me everything you’ve got

  1. Do you consume this blog’s content move via browser or an RSS feed?
  • 26% - Browser

  • 74% - RSS Feed

Needless to say I found this very interesting.  It could be that a certain kind of respondent self-selected, but there is a decided leaning towards folks who want to read more involved technical articles in their RSS readers.

Thanks to everyone that responded.  It is extremely helpful to have your input.