Last time, I implied that scale alone doesn’t always lead to the operational efficiency in the datacenter

There is no class someone can take that will teach them everything they need to know to run a datacenter, and the applications it ostensibly exists for, efficiently. Training exists for some of the tools, for some of the hardware, but gaps are still left to fill in with smart people, hopefully working together. (and sometimes getting the people aligned IS the hard part)

If there was a training covering every technical aspect of this, it would be expensive, take months, probably years, and each class would not be up to date by the time it was over.

Two weeks from today, you can get a glimpse of what different parts of that training might look like.

Velocity is the preeminent cloud operations conference. (Let’s face it, a cloud is a big web app. If you can’t do web ops efficiently at scale, keeping a cloud running effectively will be a chance for you to learn these lessons the hard way. These lessons will probably cost you on both sides, as you throw bodies at the problem while your customers leave after every outage.)

This is ‘the’ ops conference for building and managing cloud services at and on every level of whatever ‘cloud’ means to you.

I’ve been to every Velocity so far. Starting at the first Velocity, there were two recurring themes, first, automating dynamic infrastructures, and second, developers and operations working together as paramount and a differentiator. The change is only accelerating, no pun intended.

I’m leaving out half of the story because Velocity also gathers the planet’s expertise focused on client side performance, which is provably important. It’s not my focus at the moment, but we need each other to deliver the highest value.

Many lessons are best learned by doing. Come learn from and connect with the people who have experience building some of the most impressive infrastructures and ops teams on the planet (and the scars to prove it…). You’re at even greater disadvantage if you don’t, because we’ll be learning and sharing with each other.


Cloudscaling will be there.

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