Yesterday I gave the seminal State of the Stack presentation at the OpenStack Summit.  This is the 4th major iteration of the deck.  This particular version took a very different direction for several reasons:

  1. Most of the audience is well steeped in OpenStack and providing the normal “speeds and feeds” seemed pedantic

  2. There were critical unaddressed issues in the community that I felt needed to be called out

  3. It seemed to me that the situation was becoming more urgent and I needed to be more direct than usual (yes, that is possible…)

There are two forms you can consume this in: the slideshare and the YouTube video from the summit.  I recommend the video first and then the Slideshare.  The reason being, that with the video I provide a great deal of additional color, assuming you can keep up with my rapid fire delivery.  Color in this case can be construed several different ways.

I hope you enjoy. If you do, please distribute widely via twitter, email, etc. :)

The video:

The Slideshare: