On November 30, Randy Bias is headed to Redwood City to talk about the future of cloud at VentureBeat’s CloudBeat 2011. Joining him are folks like Allan Leinwand of Zynga, Amit Singh of Google, Thomas Kelly of Best Buy, Adam Selipsky of AWS, and Lew Moorman of Rackspace. There are others. It’s a solid program.

Randy will participate in two sessions. First up, Randy will moderate a fireside chat with Adrian Cockcroft of Netflix. The conversation will focus on how Netflix is expanding its engagement with AWS globally. Adrian will offer his thoughts regarding whether or not anyone can close the lead AWS has opened up in public cloud. He’ll also give his candid opinion of OpenStack.

Next up, Lew Tucker of Cisco will join Randy in a conversation about how the opportunities in cloud look very different today than they did two years ago. And if you take a thoughtful look at how the industry has evolved, several useful patterns begin to reveal themselves. Understanding this mosaic can lead to better deployment strategies, better business models and smarter cloud startup investments. They’ll talk big data, web-scale cloud, open systems and more.

If you’re in the Bay Area, come join us. There’s a discount if you follow this link.