Open Cloud System 2.6

The world’s most advanced OpenStack cloud infrastructure

Open Cloud System 2.6 is a complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution powered by OpenStack technology. OCS is designed to meet the requirements of next-generation cloud-based, scale-out applications such as social apps, mobile apps, SaaS/PaaS deployments and Big Data analytics. OCS delivers the agility, performance and economic benefits of leading public cloud providers, but deployable on your infrastructure and under your control.

To create OCS, Cloudscaling has leveraged the innovations pioneered by cloud infrastructure teams at Amazon Web Services and Google. With a systems approach that implements both architectural and behavioral compatibility with leading public cloud services, OCS delivers cost-effective elastic infrastructure, modular scalability, and production-grade features. With OCS, customers get the benefit of full OpenStack project compatibility, delivered in a proven solution and supported by cloud experts.

Benefits of using OCS for Elastic Cloud Infrastructure

Modernize your IT infrastructure

Deploy private Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that puts the capabilities of public clouds behind your firewall to rapidly deliver a new generation of dynamic applications and services to the business.

Everything you need for rapid deployment

OCS integrates intelligent cloud system software with modular hardware reference designs to support a wide range of multi-tenant workloads. Once your network and hardware is in place, it takes only a few days to stand up and run a full production cloud.

Public cloud compatibility

OCS delivers both API and behavioral fidelity with leading public cloud service providers to support flexible deployment and management of applications across both private and public cloud infrastructure.

Managed OpenStack innovation

Major innovations and enhancements are developed with each OpenStack release. OCS helps you incorporate and leverage this high velocity innovation without disrupting existing production systems.

On-premise control

When governance, compliance and security require private cloud infrastructure, OCS delivers a system that looks and performs like the public cloud, but fully under your control.

Production-grade features

OCS delivers the manageability, availability, performance and security features required by cloud operators to readily deploy and manage the system at scale.

Improved price/performance

By combining open source software, high-performance system design, and certified hardware, OCS delivers better price / performance compared to both public clouds and enterprise virtualization infrastructure.

Customer support from cloud experts

Cloudscaling’s team of cloud experts stand behind every deployment. 24x7x365 global support keeps your cloud infrastructure running and ensures your success.

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