Elastic Cloud Infrastructure

Ready to break free from the limitations of your proprietary cloud platform? Cloudscaling enables you to deploy and run on-premise elastic cloud infrastructure (ECI) that’s powering a new era of IT.

Elastic Cloud Infrastructure – built on OpenStack – enables any IT group to deploy cloud services comparable to the capabilities of the world’s largest and most successful public clouds. Cloudscaling solutions allow your organization to rapidly scale resources, achieve new levels of agility and improve market responsiveness. All with full control and governance in the privacy of your on-premise data center.

The elastic cloud model offers new opportunities to deliver superior IT services that:

  • Improve agility
  • Promote business IT alignment
  • Accelerate time-to-market requirements for dynamic cloud-based applications and services
  • Drive out complexity

Enterprise Virtualization v. Elastic Cloud

Matching Apps to Infrastructure

The value of the cloud can’t be delivered from the same environment that supports traditional or legacy applications. Truly elastic clouds support dynamic cloud-based applications that are self-managing, resilient to failure, and designed to take advantage of on-demand, scale-out infrastructure historically provided by leading public cloud services. This emerging class of applications drive additional revenue opportunities, increase business agility and enable IT teams to deliver new services on par with public cloud systems.

Applications or workloads best suited for elastic cloud infrastructure include:

  • Scale-out web applications: social, mobile, collaboration
  • PaaS running packaged and custom business applications
  • Distributed applications
  • Dev/Test
  • Big Data

To learn more about how Elastic Cloud Infrastructure can help your business, download the white paper or contact sales@cloudscaling.com