Elastic Cloud Infrastructure

Powering A New Era of IT

Today, IT leaders are tasked with maximizing mobile, social, cloud and Big Data mega trends. There’s a growing urgency to modernize the data center in order to develop next-generation, cloud-native applications that can deliver entirely new levels of insight and productivity. Which is why forward-thinking organizations are turning to elastic cloud infrastructure (ECI).

Much like the on-demand, self-service computing models in use at leading public cloud providers, ECI delivers highly optimized IaaS on a large scale. By leveraging open source software running on commodity HW, enterprise IT can scale to any amount of compute resources dynamically based on traffic spikes and other changes.

Elastic cloud infrastructure, powered by OpenStack, enables new levels of business agility, greater cost efficiencies and rapid innovation – without compromising security or control. Now, you have the massive scalability you need to efficiently manage today’s user and data volumes. Equally important, you can greatly accelerate app delivery schedules and achieve enterprise-wide agility.

The Foundation for Dynamic, Cloud-Native Applications

A new generation of dynamic, cloud-native applications is driving the need for elastic cloud infrastructure optimized to handle them. By definition, truly elastic clouds support dynamic, cloud-native applications that are self-managing, resilient to failure and designed to take advantage of on-demand, scale-out infrastructure; much like the infrastructure provided by AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure. With a strategy that incorporates ECI, you can fundamentally change the dynamics of how IT services are delivered.

The benefits of the elastic cloud model include:

  • Agility
  • DevOps efficiency
  • Accelerate new application delivery
  • More options to run workloads
  • Freedom to innovate

To learn more about how elastic cloud infrastructure can help your business, download the white paper Cloudscaling OCS: Delivering a New Kind of Agility – or contact sales@cloudscaling.com