Demo: Hybrid Cloud Powered by OpenStack & GCE at Gartner Symposium

Posted on by Teri Elniski

IT leaders across industries face immense challenges. On the one hand, they must deliver game-changing capabilities that utilize big data and analytics. At the same time they are expected to drive innovation and growth with declining budgets. As a result, now more than ever, IT infrastructure matters.

The notion that “infrastructure matters” in order for organizations to unlock the cloud and unleash data was front and center at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo® last week in Orlando. Cloudscaling partnered with Google in its Enterprise Pavilion to demonstrate how the combined technologies can help organizations build the right IT infrastructure to meet today’s social-mobile-big data challenges as well as showcase the power of an OpenStack-powered hybrid cloud solution.

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Together Google and Cloudscaling provide a highly scalable, performant and low cost solution for hybrid cloud infrastructure that supports modern application development. At Cloudscaling, we say it’s “infrastructure that both IT and developers can love.” Being invited to demonstrate Cloudscaling’s Open Cloud System (OCS) in the Google Enterprise Pavillion at the Gartner Symposium confirms the growing demand among enterprise IT for architectures and solutions that make it easier to modernize the data center, support DevOps and deliver value to the business.

At the Symposium, we shared this demo with the Pavillion audience. It showcases a series of GCE APIs to establish API endpoints, set up a firewall, provision virtual disks and networking, spin up virtual machines. These are executed from the gcutil command line tool, first in OCS. Then, we ran the same API commands with the same syntax in GCE. The demo shows how developers can design and build applications one time, then deploy them on GCE, Open Cloud System or both.

As we look forward to the delivery of OpenStack Havana later this week and the beginning of the contribution period of OpenStack Icehouse, Cloudscaling is committed to keeping the GCE APIs updated and available for the OpenStack community. Hybrid cloud is still in its embryonic stages, and keeping OpenStack at the forefront of this emerging trend is fundamental to further strengthening its position as the de facto open source framework for IaaS clouds.

Earlier this month, Gartner published a report in which it essentially gave a “thumbs up” to elastic cloud infrastructure for the enterprise. The report, “2014 Planning Guide for Private Cloud, Data Center Modernization and Desktop Transformation”, highlights the strategic importance of OpenStack as part of the cost equation associated with cloud computing and the trend towards modernizing the data center.

The report highlights OpenStack as a way enterprises can reduce the risk from vendor lock-in and open the door to hybrid cloud. It goes further to suggest that most enterprises will look to vendor-supported solutions based on OpenStack to get their own OpenStack-based clouds up and running.

Increasingly organizations are taking  a hybrid approach to cloud because they need the ability to run applications onsite, offsite or both – without compromise. We fundamentally believe that OpenStack is central to realizing the promise of hybrid cloud and helping transform the way IT services are delivered.

Be sure to check out the demo.

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