Advisory Board

Cloudscaling’s Advisory Board includes experts with technical and product leadership experience at’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Microsoft Edge Computing Network (ECN), Canonical and the Leading Edge Forum at Computer Sciences Corporation (LEF-CSC).

Simon Wardley

Computer Sciences Corporation

Simon was responsible for cloud computing strategy at Canonical and is a recognized expert on cloud, utility computing and open source software. During his time there, Canonical’s Linux distribution — Ubuntu — became one of the leading cloud computing operating systems. Wardley now researches at the Leading Edge Forum (part of CSC) on the impact of technology change on organizational structure with emphasis on cloud computing, enterprise 2.0 and commoditization.

Chris Brown


Chris’ career background includes Microsoft, where he was a Director of Engineering for the Edge Computing Network within Global Foundation Services. Prior to Microsoft, Christopher was a Founding Member, Architect, and Lead Developer for’s Elastic Compute Cloud (“EC2″). He holds several patents in the areas of Internet routing, VM/runtime hosting, content delivery and cloud computing.


Benjamin Black


Benjamin co-founded and is CEO of Boundary. He is a recognized expert in large-scale technology infrastructure design, implementation, and operation. Previously, he was an engineering director in the ECN group at Microsoft Windows Live, where he helped build one of the largest content delivery networks in the world. As the manager of website engineering at Amazon, he lead the design and implementation of a new, layer 3 network for Amazon’s production network. As principal engineer for Amazon infrastructure, he co-authored the first documents on what later became EC2. As senior manager for information security, he owned and successfully delivered Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI DSS compliance for Amazon infrastructure. His holds three patents in Internet routing and traffic optimization.

Brian Behlendorf

Mithril Capital Management

Open-source entrepreneur, co-founder and board member of various organizations, including CollabNet (which brought the principles and tools used by the open source software community to large enterprises), Benetech, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Mozilla. Brian co-founded the Apache Group, which became the Apache Software Foundation. Worked at the White House OSTP and Department of Health and Human Services. Looking for companies out to significantly change the world over the next ten years.





David Bernstein

Cloud Strategy Partners

David is a technical and business model visionary serving a number of standards bodies within the telecommunications and IT industries. His work with clients touches on telecommunications, networking, and security. David is Founder/Working Group Chairman for IEEE P2300 Cloud Standards, Special Adviser to the United States Dept. of Commerce/NIST IT Lab Cloud Project, and Expert Group for the European Commission FP-7 Standards for eInfrastructure. David was an executive at Cisco, AT&T, Siebel, Pluris, Intertrust, and Santa Cruz Operation (SCO). At SCO David created the first widely successful UNIX on a PC – XENIX. David holds several patents, speaks in IEEE and Industry conferences, and has been a key contributor to many standards such as, OASIS SCA, WS-I, and IEEE POSIX.